The take on the Indo-western outfit

In general, always there is a thought, that a person’s characteristics can be judged by the way she dresses up. So how we dress up has become very vital in our life. Before leaving home either to the workplace or to some other destinations, we check our look nearly 100 times in front of the mirror to make sure the outfit and the accessories that we wearing are matching and perfect. But the trend has slightly changed, looking funky and fashionista is a new perspective among the young generation and this emerged due to the concept of mix and match outfits and also the surge of Indo-western styles.

In India, ethnic dresses are worn only during on some special occasions such as a wedding, following some traditional customs, for temple visits & poojas. But nowadays the case is not the same, in India the brides started wearing colorful long gowns for their marriage reception and which started evolving as a trend. This is because we Indian people are more influenced by the western culture. Right from the food we eat to the products we use all has been replaced by the west and this trend has also reflected in our attires too. Most of the girls are preferring to choose their outfit with the Indo-western look, pairing up an ethnic cloth with the western outfit is making a popular style quotient in all the places.  As there is a rise in the working women’s population, all they want is to look classy, confident and beautiful. The mix of the ethnic dress with the western design and style gives an elegant look without any doubt.

The Indo-western trend is not a new one, it has always been in existence but the way we use has been bit changed. We initially started using this type of style by pairing up the short cotton ethnic kurti with the jeans, skinny pants with the embroidery kaftans, and ethnic colorful cotton skirts with graphic printed t-shirts. The same pattern is been followed but how we are projecting ourselves in the Desi look with western style is very important.

Here are some of the Indo-western style ideas for you,

  1. We would have all loved Deepika Padukone’s style in Piku. A palazzo pant with long Kurtis gave us a wow look and inspired a lot of us to try out the style. Now this palazzo pant can be paired with A-line Kurtis, side cut Kurtis and also looks fabulous when paired with the asymmetric sleeveless Kurtis’s.deepika-piku-image-1-independent-working-woman-architect                                                           Source: The internet
  2. High raised shorts with Indian Kurtis which will be the most favorite style among the college girls. Denim shorts with a synthetic side open slit Kurtis and a perfect color shoe will add your style.

main-qimg-e4fd69148591fa5bd20c6611ca931a7b-c                                                               Source: The internet

  1. You have love towards this ethnic colorful jackets but at the same time you also want to look modern, then try out wearing parallel loose pants or a skinny fit with a spaghetti top and an ethnic jacket over it.

5fd5bc36b3f57ad86a10853b6c38594bSource: The internet

4. If you wanted to look a bit traditional, try out a long maxi skirt with an elbow sleeve crop blouse. Don’t forget to put your traditional makeup.

trisha-krishnan-mogra-nayaki-promotionsSource: The internet

5. Casual Anarkali top or Kurtis with a fancy belt.

capture Source: The internet

Author: Sowmya