Style your simple Anarkali with heavy silk dupatta

Indian people are well known for following their traditional cultures and customs, apart from that people are also very keen in maintaining prestige too. Initially, there were some scientific reasons for forcing the women to wear too many gold jewels and there was also the logic behind the dowry practices and etc., but now everything is considered and done only for the prestigious issue and to maintain a high profile in the society.

Similarly, buying silk sarees is also considered as prestigious. According to Indian people, silk is a very luxury good and wearing it is considered as a brand image. In the south part of India, Wearing a silk saree for a wedding is a must and nowadays the Indian brides have become very choosy in selecting their silk sarees due to a lot of customizing opportunities. Though Indian people have craze towards the silk fabric, they are worn only on the auspicious days. Some love the Silk fabric but don’t like to wear it as a saree. If you are a kind of person who loves silk but doesn’t like to wear it as a saree then I would suggest you follow the below tip.

A simple designer salwar with a cozy Silk dupatta is the next sensation. I don’t know whether you would have noticed that some of our celebrities already started carrying this fashion.

The Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor never failed to experiment with the new fashion trends. She made an elegant ethnic style by carrying this heavy silk dupatta.


Source: The Internet

The successful leading actress of Malayalam industry Manju Warrier appeared for an award function with a simple look by wearing an asymmetrical green Banaras Anarkali with a silk dupatta.


Source: Pranaah

Sri Divya, the cute actress waved with the yellow color raw silk dupatta by drapping it over a simple Anarkali.


Source: The Internet

Rashi Khanna “Em Sandhem ledu” is a cutie pie of Tollywood stunned with the red silk dupatta and a zardozi embroidered cream Anarkali with the matching jumka.


Source: The Internet

Silk fabric is very much suitable to any weather conditions. It keeps the body warm during winter and a bit cold during the summer.