Stop buying the pink colour dress everytime

Have you ever thought that why girls choose things in pink colour. What is the bond between girls and the colour pink? To be frank it’s a myth, not all girls like pink, may be only a few. Sometimes it is generally a marketing gimmick by the companies. Whenever you walk either into a toy’s shop or a dress shop, especially to the girls section you can visibly see a lot of products in pink colour. This is because most of the brands will fix a kind of colour marketing strategy to boost their product sales and they adhere to the mantra that “Girls love pink” and manufacture the products of the same colour. Forget about toy’s, but while choosing the dresses there are many other colours too which look extremely beautiful on girl’s.

So, how to select the suitable colour dress?

The most effective way to choose the dress colours is based on your skin tone. In general practice, the skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin present in your skin and not based on your skin surface colour. There are only three type of skin tones the cool, the warm and the neutral. You could check your skin tone type by looking into the colour of the veins inside your wrist. If the veins are bluish then you have a cool skin tone, if it looks greenish then you have a warm skin tone. If you are in dilemma of predicting the colour of your vein between blue and green then, what you have is a normal skin tone.

Here are the few the dress colours that suits your skin tone/undertone,

Warm: Red, Peach, Coral, Orange, Amber, Gold, Yellow

Cool: Blue, Lavender, Rose, Gray

Neutral: Med blue, Jade, Red, White

Celebrity with warm undertone:                               Celebrity with cool undertone:


Image credits: Internet