Preserving the wedding dress is an art

India is well known for Big fat weddings. They spend a lot of money just for the sake of two days celebration.If I list out the money breakdown structure for the wedding spend then I should probably write a second part for this article. so let me jump directly into the title. Yes! one of the unnecessary  biggest spend for the wedding is on the wedding Lehenga, gown or heavy worked saree, which will roughly weigh around 3 to 4 kgs . After the wedding you can’t see the person wearing that dress in any other family or friends party. That costly dress would have occupied an unnoticed space inside the wardrobe after the wedding.

The Indian girls do have sentiments with their wedding dress, so they  don’t give their to anyone and also they don’t wear it again for any other functions, they just try to keep it save. But  few years later, on one fine day they will notice the whole dress would have been badly damaged.It is  important to save that costly, sentiment wedding dress but at the same time it is also much important in preserving them without any damage.

Here are the few easy methods to preserve your wedding dress,

  1. If your wedding dress has a  lot of kundan, mirrors and glass stone works, try to fold the dress without touching other parts of the fabric by placing a butter paper in between each fold. You could also use some acid free tissue papers.
  2. In most of the houses I  have noticed , when they show me their wedding dress they will take the dress either from a plastic cover or from a paper box and this will deface the fabric. Instead preserve your wedding dress in a garment bag,which is  very cheap to buy and mostly available in brick and mortar stores  and also in the online stores too.
  3. The most simple and easy way of preserving is by neatly wrapping the wedding dress using a cotton cloth/sheet.