Top 3 Blouse designs to try out!

You would have definitely heard the most famous saying that “Change is the only constant in the world”, which is very much true to the fashion industry. Each and every day you could see a lot of changes and new things in this industry and it will be kept on revolving because fashion has become an integral part of our life.

I always refer that a change is nothing but a revamping power that is applied to the existing one to make it even more attractive and adorable. In recent days you could have seen these revamping power applied to one particular attire which is very much worn by most of the Indian women’s.

Yes! For Indian girls, though western wears are more comfortable for their daily activities, they have a unique love towards the sarees. Whenever there is an occasion most of the girls wishes to dress up in a sarees. When it comes to sarees, you know there are a lot of varieties but if you would have noticed recently the variety is surging up in the blouse models and girls are giving more importance to the blouse materials and models. Also, the known fact is that we are actually spending more money for blouses which will be quite higher than the actual sarees cost, LOL…!. The need to spend money for the blouses is because it actually glams up the overall look in the saree.

Here are the recent varieties of blouse models that are currently trending,

  1. Full sleeve blouse:

Most of the girls look pretty with full sleeve dresses. It applies same for the sarees when dressing up with the full sleeve blouse. A full sleeve blouse gives the most aesthetic look even if you wear a simple saree. If you want a more elegant look to try out the full sleeve blouse with either boat neck or V-neck model.


                                                                      Source: The Internet

  1. Embroidery fabric blouse:

As full sleeve blouse gives the elegant look, the ¾ sleeve of embroidery fabric blouse will give you the classic professional look. New varieties and trending design patterns have added a new look to the embroidery fabrics. This is a must try combo for you.

embriodery blouse

  Source: The Internet

  1. See through blouse:

Wearing the same type blouse will be boring at some times. The see through blouses will give a different look and make you too look modern even though you are in an ethnic wear.

kajol-net-sleeves-boat-neck (2)

  Source: The Internet